Beta Sigma Phi:  The mission of Beta Sigma Phi , Zeta Phi Chapter , is to unite women of the community for the purpose of friendship and cultural development and for participation in the international sisterhood of Beta Sigma Phi.  The chapter president is Patsy Black.  The group has 19 active members.

Artists:  Krystal Hogan, Sarah Hogan, Laura King, Micheal Ard, Pam Barnhardt.  The Beta Sigma Phi Birdhouse was a collaborative effort by these talented volunteers.

Location:  The Monroe County Public Library, 121 Pineville Road, Monroeville

The City of Monroeville:  The City of Monroeville has 70 full –time employees; 7 elected officials serve the city, along with 30 season employees.  The City’s departments include police, fire, wastewater, public works, recreation and public service.  The city was incorporated in 1899.  See 

Artist:  Emilie Nan Oglesby, a 2008 arts graduate from Auburn University.  She teaches art classes at her hole in the Wall Gallery, on Monroeville’s historic downtown square, and also teaches classes at Black Belt Treasures in nearby Camden.  She works in all mediums.

Location:  Monroeville City Hall, 125 East Claiborne Street.

Colquett Insurance Agency:  Colquett Insurance Agency’s mission is to meet the needs of its customers and to stay informed about its products, to ensure that its customers’ risks are handled in their best interests.  The agency is owned by Mike Colquett, and there are three full time employees.  The business was established in 1983.

Artist:  Butch Barnes, is the artist.  He paints as a hobby.

Location:  Colquett Insurance Agency, 19 North Mt. Pleasant, Monroeville.

Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR):  The DAR, founded in 1890, 165,000 members nationwide, and 3,000 chapters in all 50 states and Washington, D.C.  The organization is a non-profit, non political women’s  volunteer service organization “dedicated to promoting patriotism, preserving American history, and securing America’s future through better education for children.”  any woman 18 years of age or older who can prove lineal descent from a patriot of the American Revolution is eligible for membership, DAR members locally sponsor an American essay contest and award cash prizes to area school students.

Artists:  Judy Philen, has taught art at Monroe County High School, and is an accomplished artist.

Location:  “New” Monroe County Courthouse, 65 North Alabama Avenue, Monroeville, Near Gazebo and Katherine Lee Rose Garden.

Monroe Academy:  Monroe Academy is an independent school in Monroeville, Alabama. Founded in 1969, Monroe Academy is a private day school with more than 450 students enrolled in K3 through twelfth grade. The school is committed to excellence in education in a safe, Christian environment for students of average or above average intelligence and or abilities. The Monroe Academy family seek to instill in each student a sense of responsibility, integrity, respect of self and others, service to school, community, nation and high moral standards.See

Artists:  Emilie Nan Oglesby, Faculty Advisor; Students:  Emily Prather Stallworth, Cheyenne Rudowski, Stacey Howton, Molly Luker, and Lauren Lambert.

Location:  Monroe Academy, 4096 South Alabama Avenue., Monroeville.

Bank Trust:  Bank Trust has over 400 employees in Alabama and Northwest Florida, of which 20 employees are in the offices at 60 Hines Street and 1816 South Alabama Avenue in Monroeville.  Bank Trust has provided services to the people of Monroe County for over 106 years (originally Monroe County Bank).  The bank offers a full line of financial services that assist its customers in meeting their financial goals.  See

Artist:  Jeff Luker is from Uriah, Alabama.  He has painted as a hobby for over 20 years.  He attended classes at Alabama Southern Community College, and has painted on canvas, air brushed, and also paints signs for businesses in Monroe County.  Currently, Jeff performs commercial, residential and auto window tinting in the Monroe County region.

Location:  60 Hines Street, Monroeville.

Beatrice Merchants:  The Beatrice Merchants Group includes Monroe Sausage and Beatrice Meat Company, Finkleas General Store, Hudson Hines Real Estate, Hines, Steele and Steele and the Village of Buena Vista. The mission of the Beatrice Merchants Group is to promote the Town of Beatrice and North Monroe County.  The merchants have been in business anywhere from 2 to 40 years.  See 

Artist:  Faye Dueitt, has been painting for 20 years. Her work may be see and purchased in her shop, the Purple Papaya, on Monroeville’s Historic Downtown Square, and at Black Belt Treasures in nearby Camden.

Location:  The Beatrice Merchants Birdhouse is in front of the Monroeville offices of Steele, Steele &Steele, at 1 West Claiborne Street.

Beehive Coffee & Books:  the Beehive specializes in southern writers, strong coffee and small town hospitality in its lovingly restored and light-filled 1928 brick building.  Owner Crissy Hall Nettles opened the Beehive May 20, 2008 and has a part time staff of four voracious readers who pride themselves on keeping up with the latest Gulf Coast writers and making custom beverages to suit palate, from sugar free caramel frappes, to perfectly brewed green tea and single origin coffees.  Local talent is featured the First Friday of every month, ranging from author events to live music performances to photography exhibits.  Book selections feature Southern writers and chefs, with a special emphasis on regional titles.  See

Artists:  Crissy Nettles & Emily Prather Stallworth.  Emily Prather Stallworth studies with Monroeville’s own Emilie Nan Oglesby at the The Hole in the Wall Gallery.  She attends Birmingham Southern College.  Crissy Nettles, Beehive’s owner is the creative spirit who spearheaded one of the most outstanding  building renovations in Monroeville’s historic downtown.  Beehive has become its own arts and cultural destination as a result. 

Location:  The Beehive ‘s Birdhouse is in the rear of the coffee shop, at 11 West Claiborne Street.

Monroe County Cooperative Extension Office:  The Alabama  Cooperative Extension System is the organization of educators who take cutting-edge research from Alabama’s land grant universities  (Alabama A&M and Auburn) and turn it into practical uses to improve the lives of people across the state.  Extension has agents in all 67 counties in the state who offer educational programs adapted to the needs and interests of local residents.   Regional agents work in teams across county lines to provide specialized knowledge in the areas of agriculture, forestry, wildlife and natural resources, urban affairs, family and consumer sciences, economic and community development, and 4-H and youth development.  There are 7 employees in Monroe County, where extension has had a presence since 1920.

See:  www.acesedu/counties/Monroe

Artist:  Louise Brown, has been painting for 38 years.  She apprenticed under Florida artist Robert Butler and studied art at Alabama Southern Community College.  Her work is sold at Black Belt Treasures in nearby Camden.  It has also been shown at the Monroe County Heritage Museum, Monroe County Public Library, Monroe County Extension Office and the Monroeville/Monroe County Chamber of Commerce.  Works may be purchased by contacting the artist at

Location:  USDA Service Center Building, 334 Agriculture Drive, Monroeville

Monroeville Water Works:  Monroeville Water Works stands ready to serve its  customers with an abundant, clear and safe water supply.  The water supply source is the Nanafalia aquifer.  The distribution system includes 6 deep wells with combined pumping capacity of approximately 6,500 gallons per minute and 4 elevated storage facilities with combined capacity of 3.000,000 gallons.  Water is treated using only chloride and fluoride.  See

Artist: Angela Joyner, a Monroeville resident for 10 years and paints as a hobby. 

Location:  69 West Claiborne Street, Monroeville

Monroeville/Monroe County Chamber of Commerce:  The mission of the Monroeville/Monroe County Chamber of Commerce  shall be the advancement of the civic, industrial and agricultural interests of the City of Monroeville and surrounding county, the promotion of the general welfare , and the stimulation of public sentiments to these ends.  The chamber of Commerce was established in 1928, and has its offices on Monroeville’s historic downtown square.  See

Artist:  Emilie Nan Oglesby, is a native of Monroeville. She is a2008 graduate of Auburn University. She has her own art studio. The Hole in the Wall Gallery, on Monroeville’s historic downtown square.  She teaches art lessons both there and at Black Belt Treasures in nearby Camden.  See

Location:  Monroeville/Monroe County Chamber of Commerce, 86  North Alabama Avenue, Monroeville.

Monroe County Heritage Museum:  The museum strives to bring people and history together.  The employees promote and maintain the historic sites throughout the county for the continues employment of local citizens and visitors.  The museum has over 400 members, and its main offices are housed in the 1903 National Register on Monroeville’s downtown square.  The museum was established in 1968.  See

Artist:  Michael Annis, from Selma, Alabama. He has been painting for forty years, and has formal training in the visual arts. His work is shown at Black Belt treasures in Camden, Alabama. 

Location:  Monroe County Heritage Museum, 31 North Alabama Avenue, Monroeville.

Peoples Exchange Bank of Monroe County:  Peoples Exchange Bank was founded in 1907 in Beatrice, Alabama when Lechler Melton of Pensacola, Florida interested a number of people in its organization.  Money was borrowed from a Pensacola bank to start the bank and S.D. Andress was put in charge.  The bank has operated continuously since that time except for two days in the mid-1930’s when President Roosevelt’s “moratorium on banking” resulted in a two day “Bankers Holiday”.  Today, the bank has offices on Main Street in Beatrice, and on the Highway 21 Bypass in Monroeville.  At the present time (2010) Peoples Exchange Bank is the only locally owned bank in Monroe County.  See

Artist:  Rachael Smith; she is an assistant Vice President at Peoples Exchange Bank and is also very active in Monroe County Relay for Life.  She paints as a hobby.

Location:  1978 Alabama Highway 21 Bypass, Monroeville.

PTAC Consulting Engineers:  PTAC Consulting Engineers provide structural engineering services over much of the continental United States and occasionally internationally.  PTAC  employs 17 engineers and drafters in two offices.  The company has had an office in Monroe County for 8 years.

Artist:  Rivard Melson, from Fountain, Alabama.  He has been painting for over 30 years.  His works are shown in many places, including the Monroe County Heritage Museum.  His works are typically unavailable for purchase.

Location:  PTAC Consulting Engineers, 49 Pineville Road, Monroeville

South Alabama Gas:  South Alabama Gas sells natural gas, propane and appliances in its member  cities of Monroeville and Evergreen.  It also serves the non-franchise cities of Frisco City, Excel, Repton and Castleberry.  The utility is governed by a five member board of directors, two of  which are elected by the Monroeville City Council; the fifth member serves a one year term and is rotated among the non-franchise towns.  The company has 34, 600 customers.  Annually, it distributes its net profits back to member cities and towns.  The district also pays franchise fees to each city and town it serves.  The corporate office is in Evergreen.  See

Artist:  Sherrill Taylor is an employee of South Alabama Gas.  She has worked on the project in the South Alabama Gas showroom in Monroeville, over lunches and breaks. 

Location:  330 East Claiborne, Monroeville

The Three Arts Club:  The three Arts Club was organized in 1923 and federated in 1928.  The mission of The Three Arts Club is to stimulate the intellectual improvement of its member by the study of literature, music and art.  The club strives to promote civic betterment and to uplift humanity.  The club colors are pink and white, the flower is the rose and the club song is Auld Lang Syne.  The club President serves a term of two years.  The club has twenty four members and  meetings are usually held at a member’s home.  The three Arts Club is also the mother club of the junior Three Arts Club for high school girls.

Artists:  Pam Barnhardt, Laura King, and Patsy McCall, the artists are all club members and artistic volunteers.

Location:  Location:  Lyle Salter Park, corner of South Alabama Avenue and Claiborne Street, on the corner by Johnson’s Jewelers.

JU Blacksher School:  J.U. Blacksher is in Uriah, Alabama.  The School has 700 students in grades K-4 through 12th grade.  Greg Shehan is principal.

Artists:  Beverly Byrd & Kelly Garrett, residents of the Uriah area.  Byrd and Garrett have been painting for a number of years.

Location:  JU Blacksher School, 15933 Highway 21 South, Uriah in front of the elementary school near the Butterfly Garden.

Excel High School:  Excel High School is in Excel, Alabama.  The school has 1,158 students in K-12. 

Artist:  Sandra K. Casey received her Bachelor of Arts degree at Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, GA.  Over the years, she has primarily painted portraits , although she also paints landscapes and other subjects.  She works out of her home in Excel.

Location:  Excel High School, 3010 Highway 136 West, Excel, Alabama

Monroe County Career Technical Center:  The school’s mission is to prepare its students to become productive citizens with contemporary work readiness skills necessary for success in the twenty-first century.  We have the following programs at our Center:  Agriconstruction, Agribusiness Systems, Business Management and Administration, Family Studies and Community Services, Cooperative Education, Cosmetology and Therapeutic Services.

Artists:  Braxton and Nyah Lett completed the art for the birdhouse at MCCTC.  They are currently enrolled in the Cooperative Education and Business Management and Administration Programs.

Location:  The Monroe County Career Technical Center is located at 230 Tiger Drive, Monroeville.

Monroeville Elementary School:  The mission of Monroeville Elementary School is to develop motivated lifelong learners and provide them with the skills necessary to become well-rounded productive citizens.  The school will provide developmentally appropriate services and resources in a safe and orderly environment conducive to learning.  Anne Lambert is principal of the school, which has 423 students from K-4 to 2nd grade.

Artist:  Lena Floyd, is a “Sunday Painter”. She only paints on occasion.  She graduated from Troy University with a B.S. in Studio Art.  She paints as a hobby.

Location:  Monroeville Elementary School is located at 297 South Mt Pleasant Avenue, Monroeville on the school’s front porch.

United Bank:  United Banks’ mission is “ to be the preferred provider of financial services in every market it serves and to exceed the expectations of its customers in service, products and convenience.”  United Bank has 17 offices in Alabama and Florida with two offices in Monroe County.  United Bank offers a complete range of financial services, including most recently mobile phone banking.  United Bank takes great pride in its lengthy history, and aims to move into the future withal the latest banking technologies.  See

Artist:  Phyllis Bell, is Branch Manager of United Bank, Monroeville.  She lives in Repton, AL  and has been employed with United Bank for six years.  She has a great interest in the arts, and has taken art classes offered by Sharon Owens, the Art Room on Monroeville’s historic downtown square.

Location:  United Bank, 1588 South Alabama Avenue, Monroeville, back entrance.

Monroeville Junior High School:  Monroeville Junior High School serves 430 students grades 6th, 7th and 8th. 

Rodney Lord, Artist:  Lord is also principal of the school.

Location:  Monroeville Junior High School, 201 York Street, Monroeville

Monroeville Middle School:  The school houses students in grades 3-5 with present enrollment at 417.  Darnell Payne is Principal and takes an active role in the school and community.

Artist:  Kerry Chandler:  Kerry’s studio is located at the Learning Enrichment Building.  She is one of the very talented teachers in the school’s gifted program.  Kerri has been painting throughout her teaching career.

Location:  Monroeville Middle School, 109 Pickens, Monroeville


Monroe County Intermediate School:  Monroe County Intermediate School is located in Lower Peachtree, Alabama.  The principal is Betty Madison.  There are 85 students enrolled in grades k-5 through 8th grade.

Artists:  Tracey Garrett, Betty Portis, Adam Williams, Dekendric Thomas.   The primary artist for the project is Tracey Garrett, she was assisted by Betty Protis and two students, Adam Williams, Dekendric Thomas.

Location:  Monroe County Intermediate School3366 County Road 49, Lower Peachtree, Alabama

Alabama Southern Community College   |    Bank Trust   |   Beatrice Merchants    |  Beehive Coffee & Books    |    Beta Sigma Phi                              

The City of Monroeville     |      Colquett Insurance Agency    |   Daughters of the American Revolution   |   Monroe Academy                

Monroe County Cooperative Extension Office  |  Monroe County Heritage Museum  | Monroeville/Monroe County Chamber of Commerce  

Monroeville Water Works   |    Peoples Exchange Bank of Monroe County   |    PTAC Consulting Engineers    |       South Alabama Gas        

The Three Arts Club    |   United Bank      |      JU Blacksher School         |        Excel         |        Monroe County Cancer Technical Center  

Monroeville Elementary School    |  Monroe County Intermediate School  |     Monroeville Junior High School     |   Monroeville Middle School

Alabama Southern Community College:  Alabama Southern is a state-supported, fully accredited comprehensive two year college serving southwest Alabama with campuses in Monroeville, Thomasville, Gilbertown and Jackson.  The college offers many of the same courses as major universities at a fraction of the cost.  See

Artist:  Susan Davis Brown, Art Director & Art Classes at Alabama Southern.

Location:  Alabama Southern Community College, 2800 South Alabama Avenue, Monroeville.


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